Komplex is not a store. It’s a surreal statement standing opposite shelves of cashmere sweaters and denim, and a window inhabited by enigmatic white dummies.
Step across the wide bay window and mix with this disincarnated crowd, find yourself out of time, on the other side of the mirror, in a universe where Stéfanie and Antonin have left their mark on each detail. Inspired by 18th century precious lounges, addicted to design, they twist reality and humorously distil anachronisms.
The clothes then adorn themselves with an extra soul that women seize, so as to reveal the essence of their personality.
Pulverize reality, be intoxicated by conceptual images outlined on an immaculate wall.
Let yourself get overwhelmed by the everlasting chic of the 30s, by the myrtle magnifying glass, enlarged by Mercury mirrors. Feel the freestone’s secular vibrations.
Stunning return trips to the future. Silver candelabras and treasure-objects from far-off lands,
sparkles of folly illuminate a rock n’roll fashion with eccentric poetry.
In-between chattering and big secrets, receive a thousand invitations to suspend time.
The glass stairs rise up into a boudoir… Decadence rimes here with elegance. Hidden from view, you can free yourself from taboos and dare naughty lingerie.
Using their imagination, Stéfanie and Antonin update the traditional definition of the word store. Dream, fantasy and reality get mixed. Frivolity and emotion become wonderful elixirs that chase away spleen.N. (ORIGIN Latin complexus, which contains).
1. Complex, made of different elements combined in a way that is not immediately comprehensible.
2a. Group of activities working towards producing a specific creation.
2b. Group of facilities organized according to their function.
3. PSYCH. Set of feelings and representations, partly or wholly unconscious, endowed with an affective strength that organizes everyone’s personality.

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